Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

Corrections applied to the hard and soft tissues of the mouth to assist in the construction of the prosthesis

It incorporates the changes that are made in the soft and coarse mouth tissue to help with plastic surgery, in fact the title of jaw surgery is very broad and effective treatment method, palate area - the face, jaw joint, salivary gland disorders, is involved in jaw surgery. 
Some diseases of the specific organs, are treated with the symptoms in the mouth under this heading
The widely used methods of dentistry is the implantation of jaw, because bone is not enough for the implant.
For other topics related to jaw surgery, congenital or post-partum congenital malformations. These cleavages are observed in the palate and lip, because the upper or lower palate is placed forward or posterior.
Diagnostic methods
Among the types of surgical diagnosis methods are CT and traditional techniques such as x-rays. Advanced techniques such as measuring the dimensions of the palate bone are used in a completely identical manner.
In this way, a final diagnosis is made before the operation and a plan is made. Successful diagnosis and treatment are carried out in cooperation with various disciplines such as orthodontics and others.