Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

Actually, the title of jaw surgeon is a very general and effective treatment model

It also includes remedies applied to the hard and soft tissues of the mouth to aid in the construction of the prosthesis. In fact, jaw surgeon heading is a very general and effective treatment model therefore the jaw-face region, lower jaw joint, salivary gland disorders, jaw surgeon's work is in the study area. The diagnosis and treatment of certain systemic diseases, symptoms in the mouth are also resolved under this heading.

Placements of implants frequently applied in dentistry are also included in advanced implant surgery such as implantation of final bone grafts, which is insufficient for the implant.

Another topic covered by the jaw surgeon is the congenital or later developing jaw facial anomalies. These include occasional palate and lip crevices, chewing function and aesthetic deterioration due to the positioning of the upper or lower jaw in the forward or backward direction.

Diagnostic methods

Within the scope of surgical techniques for jaw surgery, traditional techniques such as x-ray are used and supported by tomography, and the technique is used in advanced techniques where the patient is obtained three-dimensional bone model in one-to-one degree.
In this case, a definite diagnosis is made before the operation and the operation plan can be done completely. In order to be successful during the diagnosis and treatment, multidisciplinary studies with orthodontics and other specialties of dentistry such as prostodontics are required.