Halitosis (Mouth Odor)

However, As long as the odor source is detected and processed, the results are obtained by the use of various poducts.

However, the results of  using different products are not effective and remedial unless the odor source is detected and processed.
What is the source of mouth odor?
According to the source of odor, they  are separated into three groups:
- which is sourced through the mouth.
- Coming from breathing and airways.
- Aromatherapy of the digestive system.
The source of odor from the mouth is still mostly a problem in the mouth. Accumulation of the mouth, long-term starvation, diseases in the mouth, inflammation and bacteria accumulates on the tongue are the main problems of the smell of mouth.
Untreated caries, food residues trapped between the teeth, artificially made unsuitable for it's failure in periodontal disease and mouth care need can be considered as one of the many causes of bad breath.
The odors coming from the digestive system are very small and often occur when the gas is missed from the pod.
Breathing and breathing smells about 10% of all odors of the mouth and can appear as a result of some serious illnesses or their consequences. Diabetes is among the first to come to mind among these diseases. Chronic respiratory infections, as well as factors such as tonsillitis, can also cause a breathless odor.
Treat the smell of mouth
In order to treat the odor, you must determine the source of the odor properly and remove it from the final result. Special devices are used in our clinic to determine the level of your mouth. Treatment of halitosis issued by an oral person and prepared as part of the requirements often eliminate food engaging in the mouth, cleaning inflammation and decay and the number of bacteria in the mouth consists of reducing oral care. In our dental clinic, while these treatments are performed unilaterally, the other side also provides oral odor removal with training and oral practices.
Provisions for continuous oral care
Oral care alone is not enough to use a toothbrush. To get rid of the bacteria and smell and other negative that they made,