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Infection Control and Prevention

Infection Control and Prevention


Importance of sterilization, disinfection and risk of contamination in dental treatments

Dentistanbul Dental Hospital, dedicated to fundamentals and quality values, works consistent with the quality management systems in the sterilization, disinfection and infection subjects by keeping up with the innovations. The contamination of recently increasing infectious diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or AIDS that spread through bodily fluids and blood, occurs most commonly during dental treatments.

Dentistanbul Dental Hospital and polyclinics are well aware of the importance of the subject and pay attention to infection management. Our hospital has an Infection Management Committee and we execute the decisions taken in the monthly meetings of this committee.

Every single instrument or material used in our dental treatments is sterile (describing the condition of being free of any microorganisms). Sterilization is accomplished with our sterilization unit. Contaminated instruments and materials are collected in the contamination section of the unit and first cleaned in ultrasonic cleaner (a device that contains particular crystals and cleans through vibrations produced at a specific temperature), then they are disinfected in the cleaning section. Disinfected instruments are collected in the disinfected section of the unit and they are packed with a specific packing paper. Then they are sterilized under pressure with vapor in Autoclave. These procedures are applied to every single instrument used in every single patient.