Human resources

To give our corporation qualified workforce we choose " right human for right job " and "choosing human according to the work"

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Our policy of human resources

-To give our corporation a qulified workforce we choose "Right human for right job" and "choosing human according to the jobs".


Job recruitment

When there is need for recruitment for new position in connection with our organization' strategy and objectives;

-Internal and external resources are evaluated carefully for job description and job competency.

-Detailed information about the positions searched is announced through internet recruitment sites and news papper advertisments.

-The interview is organised by the human resources.

-Interviews are carried out gradually by the human resources an department manager.

-When the positive decisions are made , present to the general manager for approval .

-Candidates who are positive are offered a fee.

-For positive candidates we conduct a refrence researh.

-Candidate who will start working has to give us the documents 3 days before working .

-Negative candidates are informed by phone.


Fees and aditional facilities ;

Salary : according to the contract the salary is paid monthly , our employees' salaries are depend on : Education, Foreign language and their experts .

Meals: the lunch is given by " SARDÜNYA " firm , and for our shift workers the breakfast and dinner is given.

Dental treatment discount: for our workers and thier relatives there is a special discount, for the worker and his first degree relative the discount is 40%, and for the other relatives whithin a certain limit the discount is 20%.Workplace physician: the workplace physician is the onlr responsible for the discomfort of our employee and patients' treatment .

Personal rights :

-Compensations' right.

-Rest right.

-The right to work health and safety.

-Women workers' right and protection .

And all personal rights of personnel are applied in accordence with labor law no :4857.