Areas of Activity

To recruit with "Right man for the right job" and "Human selection for the job" in order to gain qualified work force in our institution

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Our Human Resources Policy
In order to bring qualified work force to our institution, to realize recruitment with "Right man to the right job" and "Human selection according to the work" and to bring our institution to be preferred to qualified people.

When there is a need for recruitment for a new position in connection with our organization's strategy and objectives;

- Internal and external resources are evaluated taking into consideration the job description and the competencies required by the job.
- Detailed information about the positions searched is announced through internet recruitment sites and newspaper advertisements.
- Human resources organize an interview invitation.
- Interviews are carried out gradually by the Human Resources and Department Manager.
- Presented to the approval of the General Manager in accordance with the positive decisions of the partner.
- Positive candidates are offered a fee.
- Positive candidates' reference research is done.
- The candidate who receives the list of work entry documents is allowed to deliver the documents 3 days before the start of work.
- Negative candidates are informed by phone.

Fees and Additional Facilities
Fee: Net or gross wage according to the contract is paid on a monthly basis. The wages of employees in our institution; education, foreign language knowledge and experience. Meals: Lunch service is provided by SARDUNYA company, evening meal and morning breakfast are provided for our shift workers. Dental Treatment Discount: Special discounts are applied to our employees and our employees' relatives. Personnel discounts are applied to employees and close relatives of the first degree by 40%, and to other relatives whom the employee reports within a certain limit. Occupational Physician: We are the only physician in the workplace who is in charge of the treatment of illnesses and who intervenes in the discomforts of our employees.

Personal Rights:
The right to compensation,
Right to rest,
The right to work health and safety,
Women workers' rights and protection,

And all personal rights of personnel are applied in accordance with Labor Law No. 4857.