Unless the source of bad breath is detected and treated, the results of the use of various products are not effective and curative.

What is the Source of Bad Breath?

Bad breath is divided into three groups according to the source:

- Odors originating from the mouth.
- Odors from the breath and airways.
- Smells from the digestive tract

The source of odors coming from the mouth is mostly the problems in the mouth. Dry mouth, long-term hunger, diseases in the mouth, inflammation and bacteria accumulated on the tongue are the main problems of bad breath.

Untreated caries, food residues trapped between teeth, improperly made prostheses, gingival diseases and lack of necessary oral care can be considered among many causes of bad breath

Odors from the digestive tract are very low and often occur when gas is escaped from the stomach.
On the other hand, odors resulting from breathing and airways are approximately 10% of all bad breaths and can be the precursor of some serious diseases or as a result of them. Diabetes is among the first to come to mind among these diseases. Factors such as chronic infections of the respiratory tract and tonsils can also cause the smell of breath.

Bad Breath Treatment
In order to treat bad breath, the source of bad breath must be determined correctly and removed as a result of this detection. Special devices are used in our clinic to determine the level of your bad breath. Treatment of oral odors is tailored to the individual and his / her needs and consists mainly of eliminating food insertions in the mouth, cleaning inflammations and bruises, and decreasing the number of intraoral bacteria by oral care methods. While these treatments are carried out in our dental clinic on the one hand, oral care training and practices provide complete elimination of bad breath.

Things to do for continuous oral care
Only oral toothbrush is not enough for oral care. In order to get rid of bacteria and bad breath and other problems they cause, floss, under-bridge floss and tongue scraper should be used. If necessary, the use of antibacterial mouthwashes is useful