To straighten your teeth, the transparent retainers are used speacialy for your mouth. This system, which is one of the latest technologies in orthodontic treatments, is a wireless treatment method used to fix your teeth with transparent plaques made for you.
The reason why Transparent plaques / invisalign treatment is an important prefrence is because no one understands that your teeth are under treatment while correcting the perplexity of your teeth.

 It is applied safely and easily to all individuals starting from the age of 12 years.

How to start the treatment process?

Digital measurement is taken by our orthodontic doctor. These measurements are transferred to the computer environment with the 3D scanning method called CAD-CAM system. Your teeth are moved in a virtual environment until the end of the treatment is achieved. To achieve this result, it is determined and produced how many transparent plates you will use for millimeter movements in your teeth. During the course of your treatment, you will switch to the next clear plaque use on average every 2 weeks. Depending on the total number of transparent plaques, the duration of your treatment will be determined.
The plaques are soft, comfortable and completely transparent and sit on your teeth. As a result of the use of transparent plaque, your teeth will gradually settle in accordance with the plan in your analysis report.
Thanks to the computer analysis you will be given, you can see what week your teeth have come to and what stage you can follow in advance.

İn how many weeks does the invisalign come after the measurement?

Transparent plates are prepared within 1 week after your measurement
What are the advantages of Transparent Aperey / Invisalign treatment?

•    The most important feature; This is because it does not negatively affect your daily life. First of all, there are transparent plaques in your mouth that are hardly visible from the outside, which even your family can hardly notice, and you can continue to laugh as you wish during the treatment.
• Does not require continuous doctor's supervision, it is a safe treatment method that is frequently preferred for our patients abroad or out of town. You can continue your treatment at home by communicating with our orthodontics specialists.
• Transparent plaque treatment is more comfortable than traditional bracketing methods
• No stinging or wound formation as there is no wire or metal part in the mouth
• Painless, no pain or pain
• Has no negative impact on your speech, no need to take out during presentations, invitations or meetings.
• You can remove your transparent plates before eating and eat whatever you want. You can brush and floss your teeth at any time.
• Since there is no metal or aesthetic bracketing and soft plaques are used in the treatment, there is no problem to disturb your teeth and gums.
• The treatment period is short. Since there will be no wire adjustment or change in doctor appointments according to the bracketing systems, you make the plate changes yourself at specified times
Can this treatment be done on children?

To start transparent plaque treatment in children; they must have already lost their baby teeth and at least the 2nd molars must be partially eradicated. This corresponds to an average age of 12 years